Videos and Music inspired by Christ

These are some of my fave music videos that inspire me, bring me such happiness, joy and peace when listening to them.  I dedicate this music that I love truly to the Lord, and imagine He is listening and smiling alongside me as we listen to this beautiful and touching music for God and God alone, is the creator of beautiful music.

Paul Wilbur The Watchman album; is such a blessing to and renewal of one’s joy in the Lord as the Lord renews us and strengthen our spirits and hearts daily.  I love to listen to Paul Wilbur on my ipod and often find myself singing out loud to his music.  God so loves it when we sing to Him in worship and joyful love.

I love this song Hillary Scott and the Scott Family Thy will be done.  It’s such a powerful song.  I love Him so much.  Music is God’s way of saying how much he loves us.  He sings over us.

This song was written by Michael Smith hope you enjoy and bask in the soaking worship of this beautiful song dedicated to our hero and beloved savior Jesus.

I love Neil Diamond this song makes me imagine I am home in His loving arms at long last!  Happy endings do come true when you love the Lord.

Praise the Lord with love! This is Marilla Ness whom has a voice like an angel truly gifted by God to sing His songs!

I love this song, but I don’t leave a little room, I leave my entire being to God!

The creator of all, the King of Kings we wait for Him to call our names!  All Glory and praise to God!

A beautiful and heart warming song, often bringing me to tears while listening to it, dreaming of Him as I go about my life, never far from God in my heart or tasks.

God is love and this song praises His love and mercy to His creation!

When I am feeling sad and lonely I just listen to this to help carry me home to God and feel at peace knowing God is with me through troubles and problems He carries me through any storm to the perfect day ahead!

Jesus will lift you up and carry you when nobody else will so believe in Him for He loves you more then anyone else does truly.

Jesus heals and saves you when you’re alone, cry out to Jesus and He will come and embrace you with His love and healing.  Jesus loves you so much if you only open to the door to Him.  He is knocking.

The name of God, no other name above them all!  Praise and worship belong to Him, Yahuwah

Dance with the King of Kings to the thundering beat of the drums of war against evil for Yahushua is son and He is the creator, Yahuwah!

Every knee shall bow before the coming of the King of Kings, God of Gods the one and only truth that shall remain!  The glorious King of Heaven, Yahuwah is His name, Yahushua is His son!  Praise and love to God alone!



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