Restore your Spirit with God’s Love

I love the psalms so very much as I imagine myself watching King David sit upon his throne or perhaps on a chaise not sure what they would call a couch back then perhaps weeping one day or another  day raising his hands in glorious wonder and worship as he sings and praises our beloved Lord while harps play as King David loved the harp the most.  How amazing it would be to listen to God’s faithful and beloved son King David worship our Lord through words of the Holy Spirit within him.

Listen to this day or night, I love to listen to this while I sleep I have it playing on my computer and let myself sleep very peacefully while the lullaby of these ancient words of praise lull my body, spirit and mind into deep peaceful sleep.  And every single time I listen to this I have no weird dreams or attacks.  I love you Yahshua and I can’t wait to meet King David.  I read that he had red hair like me maybe he was teased also as a child for being a ginger? 😀