Love Letters to God

For the love of god, Steve Vai

Image by martintoy via Flickr

My poetry and words to the King of Kings, it’s almost as if I am in dialogue with Him as I wrote these back and forth we go in pure love for each other.  He is in love with you and God is a consuming fire, He is jealous over you and passionately in love with you.  Will you accept this love?

A Gift of Love

I have cast out all my demons, to embrace your angels.
I have seen your face in a thousand dreams and I wish to never wake from them.
If my life was but an ember in the fires of love, I would never burn out for you, my love.

I have waited many lifetimes to see your face, to hear your voice, it would bend my soul to your desires.
I have nothing in this world but my love for you, do not forsaken me my beloved.
Do not look at the past and see regret, see the future as your path to make eternal our happiness.

I have never been sober in your love, You’re the sweet wine of lovers and I would drink deeply of your love, to remain intoxicated forever.
Have you not seen how my thoughts and hours are consumed by you?
Do not say nothing more, for it’s a love that is cast in many books that dwell the halls of great legends, sorrow and romance.
You’re my love story, my destiny and my sorrow.
From the birth of my life I have waited for you, to see your Glory with my eyes.

You stole my heart upon this earth and I am forever lost in your gaze.
Do not waste anymore time to never feel such love, I am a gift of love to you.

You’re my sun and also my rain.  You bring such radiance to my life.
And wash away all my sorrow when I think only of you.
In my gardens I am the rose and you’re the thorns that embrace my being.
In the dark alleys, and side streets in agony, I knock on each door only seeking you.
I would give no other love to any other but you, you’re the existence of my non-existence.

You’re my gift of love and my prayer.

Justice Weeps

The same sinners walk
While the victims suffer and media talks.
And hidden is the snakes that make the money
And corruption and deception it tastes like honey.

We don’t have no control over ourselves, we’re the insects.
We’re the dirt, just mind controlled specks.
The sacrifices, the idol of doom.
This world is not our home.

They look like us but they aren’t the same.
We’re just cattle, directed by their horned left hands
The world is for the conquering, and never been our land.
The shadow is cast,
The time of victory is at last.
Decide which side you will be on.
Because when the trumpet plays it song.
Death or life eternal, it won’t be long.

A Lone Swan

I have no path or glory,
My life is no fantasy story,
I have no grandeur to share or tell,
I have nothing in this world worth to sell.
Yet I walk with a beggar’s heart,
I bow before no-one but the inner self.
I stand among men, yet feel no connection
Their world is material, mine is spiritual.
Loved, beyond, makes me rise in flight.
There is too much wrong and not enough right.
When there is nothing left, but a human’s mind.
When brother and sister have ignored the cries of their kind.
They all want in greed, forgetting His light, want and more want
Yes they walk, like dead ghosts in haunt.
See me with a thousand faces and a hundred eyes
I will wipe your tears and wash away all false lies.
From the universe he threads each cell and creates life.
The vineyard is vast, yet they’re drunk on greed.
And disdain, hate, anger and pain, this is all they need.
Woe to this Generation, hope is forlorn, when you cannot see and release your light.

The gifts of the world have no hold on me, yet to climb towards the truth, on hands and knees, till my body is maimed yet broken, my spirit is torn, will never give into sin, this world is but a gift, in wonder at the glory of eternity, on the narrow path, the trail of thorns, only one remains to lift my hands in praise and forgiveness, dear God have mercy on a broken heart that has such a need to mend.

I love you more then what I am, the breath within me, the light that shines like a beacon to  banish the darkness, it shines for you alone.  The kingdoms of this world may come and go, the walls may crumble, the banners may fall, and the bones of the riches turn to dust, yet you alone remain, you remain alone.

Till the world shifts, and men cry out in anger and wrath, the coming dawn, a single star in the universe of wonders.  Once the lion roars, the earth will shake, for the Lord shall bring fire and lightning.   Yet I remain, yet I remain, seeking your face, no fear upon my face.

Oh glorious one that has wooed my love, there is no rose on earth that is worthy of such a beauty such as He.  Intoxicated by your sweet love, in need, weak fallen on the dirt, my soul pants for you, the wound of loneliness, bleeding out all my hurt.  Can you possibly feel my agony for your embrace.  This little light of love, that is all that is me.

Love of the Lamb

Never knew such love,
Never knew such acceptance,
Never knew such happiness,
Never knew that I could feel as if I had wings of a dove.
This knowing, where I belong, who I am.
Which resides in the blood of the lamb.
How can one even explain these feelings?
It’s like the greatest love stories ever told.
The legends of man and myth as they unfold.
How can you even imagine, such bliss?
It’s like being a child again, innocent, pure, filled with joy.
To create the greatest masterpieces of olde, they must have been filled with the spirit.
What if being able to create that masterpiece was and always has been love?
The only way to reach the stars and heaven above is to find the infinite.
To find a path to God after agony of searching for so long, is finding true Eden.
My heart, my divine love of blinding white, all lead to the Elohim.
My love, it’s an eternal burning flame of light that will never grow dim for Him.

Married to the King

For you made me a lover of your spirit.
Shall I dwell in your holy place and worship you in prayer.
For many shall come before and after me, but only I shall remain in humble adoration of you that is all of everything.
What a longing and agony for you alone, that is my heart, which beats to the strings of your tunes of love.
Yet you only remain to my eyes that see, when all others are gone, yet you only remain as I watch over you.
The lover of my soul, the creator of my being. How long must you tarry to your lovers abode when one is waiting and ready to receive the King?
The beautiful fragrance of rose petals adorns your presence, exalted one, from high above come down from your lofty throne and speak the words I long to hear.
No other holds my adoration such as thee beautiful one, that shines with the light of life and love.
What dowry must I give when I have none?  But a heart given and a life before you for you’re my beloved and you’re my dove.


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