The Lord is Coming! Keep your lamp oil filled!

From Sunday on-wards I have heard terrible cursing in my mind and evil thoughts and awful visions it was like angry cursing from the devil.  It was terrible to hear because I cannot stand cursing and hate sin and I try and keep my words from ever cursing as it’s from the pits that cursing words come from and devils.  I believe the Lord was allowing the devil’s anger to go through me to show how very short his time was.  At first I thought I was being attacked but no matter how much I prayed and rebuked the cursing the words came through or were allowed to come through and enter my thoughts.  This has been going on for two days now.  Today I had to miss work because I am so fatigued and my mind actually feels like it’s been beat up and addled.  I wonder also if it’s a bit of heat exhaustion but it feels like something was and is happening within my mind.

I am seeing a lot of spirits also flying around and this morning the Lord was talking to me sharing with me personal things and yet also He was telling me how late the hour was, that the world is going to get very dark very fast this He told me many times, how quickly the dark clouds are going to come upon the earth and there will be thunder and lightning as the Lord comes to get His bride.  The angels are ready to fetch His children and so many are not going to make it.  I know I will be helping the children and babies this is my prayer to the Lord to help save the little ones I love them so much but not as much as I love my Lord Jesus.  I was speaking Hebrew also over the weekend saying the words on Saturday evening baruch hashem I had to look it up the next day as I have no idea what it means nor do I speak Hebrew but I have asked the Lord to please teach me as I love God’s chosen language and he has been sharing with me certain phrases when I am deep in worship and rejoicing in Him in my prayer closet.

This is what it means:

“Baruch HaShem” is a Jewish phrase, literally meaning “Bless the Name”. However, this is just like saying “Thank God!” in English, and is used just as often. The Hebrew word “Baruch” means “bless”, and originates from the word “Bracha” (blessing). A Jew will usually use this phrase if something good happens, for example: “Baruch HaShem that he did not get hurt in that car accident.”

“If My people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then, will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
– II Chronicles 7:14 

The Lord is our refuge and our strength!  We must abide in Him at all times.  I believe the Lord is showing me how angry the devil is because His time is so very short and perhaps it’s over now for His attacks against the bride, no more says the Lord God Almighty!  Even now it’s like He speaks through me, my chosen are going home!

Please discern everything I say and bring it to the Lord also.  I was told also by the Lord that it’s time my daughter, when I looked outside and our sky here is sickly yellow from the horrible heat and unusual drought we’ve been having from the fires and smoke.  I have also been suffering from a bit of heat exhaustion and stayed in bed for most of the day and still feel very tired.  My body has been going through some electrical feelings like energy is flowing through me also and I have seen that others are feeling this to on youtube and also been hearing from the Lord that He is coming now.  I had a dream also that we were putting on a play and I was in charge of taking the children off the stage and the play was now over and I was taking the children off the stage but also we had to run afterwards showing how fast it will be to be taken out of here and we must not have any strings or things keeping us here in the material world from leaving to our Spiritual home and it was dark outside.  The Lord has also been warning me in that regards as I am still flesh and blood and a sinner if not for the precious blood of Jesus to wash me clean.  Thank you Lord please have mercy on me and my family for they do not believe in you and it breaks my heart as I am sure it breaks His.

Don’t stop praying for those whom are unsaved or lukewarm even those whom are lost pray for them, those whom need healing and are in poverty and for our brothers and sisters whom are daily being persecuted by the enemy and also pray for the enemy to turn to God before it’s too late and repent of their sins.

I love you all and pray that the Lord comes quickly as I am tired of this sinful world and don’t want to be here anymore.  The evil I see everyday is getting worse also even in my church people are being so disobedient to the Lord and not listening to His warnings!

The Lord has also told me to tell His children not to be afraid nor have fear for everything is in His Hands and it will be so wonderful to go home with Him.  Thank you heavenly Father for your beloved Son whom died for us on the cross.  We love you Abba, we love your Yahshua!





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