Worn out how about you? Watchman on the wall

I don’t know about you but I am really tired and weary.  Often I come home from work and just want to sleep.  I don’t seem to have the desire or the want to pursue the hobbies and interests I used to love and adore.  I was an artist and writer in my spare time and don’t feel like creating as I feel there is no point to the creations on earth anymore.  Nothing we do here matters except to love God and His Son, and love our brothers and sisters.  Even gardening has no joy anymore as the earth is cursed and you can see it everywhere you look.

I love to help others and make them feel good.  But right now I am really feeling like my work is done as Jesus said on the cross it’s finished, I feel our work here is done.  He is coming.  I hear it in my spirit all the time now.  I see Him too when I close my eyes He is there smiling at me.  I love our Lord so much no words can explain how much I love Him and our Father in heaven.  I love the Holy Spirit so much.  I imagine myself carrying the Holy Spirit around in my arms like a dove, just giving Him little kisses and stroking His beautiful white feathers, even feeding Him from my plate of food.  I know it may sound silly but He is my dearest friend and companion.  Often my only friend that understands me and loves me unconditionally, whom will never hurt or judge me.

I don’t understand this world and don’t understand the people in it.  I see women dressing without any care for their bodies and I want to tell them that they’re grieving their creator by abusing their femininity and the lovely grace that God gave them, men covering their bodies with evil looking tattoos, wearing death symbols, dying their hair.  Modesty and chastity seem to be extinct lately and people seem to be acting like animals I have noticed even the children are not respectful or kind to their elders.  People are calling evil good and good evil everywhere I look.

Our Lord was really upset last weekend and I felt His emotion as I often do pour over me into my spirit.  I was so sad and depressed, grieving.  I asked the Lord what is wrong and I saw Him smiling sadly at me at first then He turned around and kept on covering His face crying our sweet Lord was sobbing it breaks my heart even now, writing what I felt and saw from Him and causes me to cry as it breaks my heart to see Him crying it hurts me so much.  He told me in the spirit it’s because of what He has to soon do to the earth to His creation that hates Him and mocks His servants those left behind to face God’s wrath, He loves those whom hate Him as they’re still His children.

For those to say He is a vengeful and cruel God, no this is wrong!  He is not vengeful He doesn’t want to hurt or have to destroy anyone but those whom turn from Him and do not seek Him or the precious blood of His that He sacrificed on the cross for our sins to be reconciled to our Father in heaven, this gift of love is for everyone but if you don’t accept it you don’t accept our Father and His beloved Son.  He then has no choice but to leave one behind and He doesn’t want to leave anyone on earth He loves us all but if you don’t want His love how can He bring you home to His home and kingdom which is heaven?  It’s like taking a stranger into your home whom hates or despises you, whom hurts and even kills His servants that only want to help you and help save your soul from an eternity without God, to be without God is to be without love and in everything that is not of God whom is perfect love that separation is called hell.  The Lord is our intercessor from sin, He is the one whom is our Holy lawyer whom blots away all the sins from our life.  Once we accept our savior into our heart and repent of our sins, He blots away our transgresses, our sins and we’re written into the Lamb’s book of life.

My life is not my own but belongs to our creator almighty God in heaven and the beloved Lamb of God His Son Jesus Christ, Yahshua in Hebrew the Messiah.

I am just a humble servant of our Lord and savior but if you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ into your heart now please do so all you need to do is repent which means to turn from your sins if you need help with this He wants to help you overcome your sins, just pray for help if you really want to be freed from the bondage of sin He will help you.  He is your comforter and loves you so much.  Ask for His forgiveness for your sins and ask Him into your heart as your Lord and savior accept His ultimate sacrifice on the cross that He died for your sins and rose from the grave and is now sitted at the right Hand of God and that you want to love Him as He loves you, a friend, a brother, lover of your soul, a Father.  He will never leave you nor forsaken you.

Walking with God has been the hardest, painful and often loneliest part of my life but He has also changed my life for the better in so many ways that I don’t live for myself anymore but for Christ and others and it’s brought so much joy in my life to live this compassionate and loving life, a life bought by the precious blood of Jesus, I am no longer alone as I felt before without Jesus, my King and master, my sweetest love and dearest friend.  I still sin like everyone but I now ask for forgiveness and He doesn’t judge me and I no longer feel like something is missing within me I am filled by His Holy Spirit, whom I love so much, so dear to my heart, Adonai beloved you’re mine and I am yours.

Over the years I have had many dreams where I was in a school setting as a student sometimes I did really well and sometimes I failed and did awful and upon waking up felt awful but I wasn’t judged ever not once, He picked me up from the floor, hugged me and told me you can do better and I believe in you.  I believe this school was the Lord’s way of showing me how I was performing on earth as a human being and my teachers were of course the Lord, the Holy Spirit, His Holy angels, as this is not my real home but heaven is.  There is another school also that one you don’t want to go to it’s for the wicked and sinful and is run by Satan and his minions and yes I have been there in dream and shown it instead of going upstairs it goes down stairs.  As material as spiritual both worlds exist.This exact morning as I was slowly waking up I saw a vision on my wall.  The Lord knows how much I love lavender and there was a framed plaque on my bedroom wall like you receive when you graduate from a program and this plaque had lovely lavender plants surrounding it and I was told in the spirit that I had graduated!  You’ve no idea how long I have prayed for this after so many dreams of being in school.  I had finally graduated this morning!  That’s why I feel it’s so soon now as we’re starting to graduate.

The Lord told me that He is waiting for someone else to get their crown I am not sure whom it is but perhaps once this person gets their crown it’s time to go!  He shares things with me not that I am special in anyway but I have asked also to the Lord to share His thoughts with me I want to help carry His burdens as He carries so many of ours, maybe He thinks I am endearing as He is God and needs no help from anyone but He does cry, laugh, hurt and love.  He is not an impersonal or faraway God but an loving an intimate God that is right there with you when you need Him.  He is an all consuming God whom wants all of us as He is a jealous God and doesn’t want to share us either His love is so enormous for His children.  Jesus is calling to you,  will you answer His call?  I also feel that time is up that there is no more time.


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Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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