Hand of God is coming

I heard in the spirit this afternoon as I lay down for a nap from Jesus that the Holy Spirit whispered to me, you can always tell that it’s the Holy Spirit speaking as He speaks in a still small voice within your core, in your chest is where He resides if you have His spirit within you.  I love the Lord’s Spirit He is so kind, gentle and always says nice things and encouraging words to me.  Anything that is not spoken in love towards you is the accuser and don’t listen to those words.

He let me know as I laid down and was still before the Lord that an asteroid is coming and it’s been the one so many have had dreams and visions about and that our leaders know about it and are going to try and stop it from hitting the earth but they will fail because God is in control and it’s the Hand of God coming.  This is the message I received please as in all words discern it before the Lord.  I have had visions of this asteroid myself and it’s huge and almost sphere like in shape it was almost like a slingshot the way it was moving through space.

He told me to warn them.  This was Jesus speaking to me the message was that there would be a massive tsunami to hit the east coast when this asteroid hit and there would be no warning as in the days of Noah He said the people will mock and scorn, but it will devastate the coastline.  I asked the Lord what shall we do and He let me know be like Noah not build an ark of course but be righteous like Noah so that you may escape what is coming upon the earth.  I felt no fear from the message either but rested in Him.

I have seen a tidal wave that was higher then the skyscrapers washing over NYC in a vision many years ago.  He also told that it will not affect the west coast, as anything is possible with God and that His children will be home with Him in heaven so do not worry.  I was told to warn the people and wish to do so those that do not know Him, or are lukewarm and don’t have a relationship with our beloved savior please seek His face now and repent of your sins and ask Him to enter your heart and He will, those whom seek Him shall find Him.  Daddy in heaven loves you so much and so does His Son whom died for you on the cross.  Please accept Christ now tomorrow maybe too late.  I am just servant of the most High and love Him and His beloved Son so very much.  Please listen and ponder my words.  I have heard also it’s finished.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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