Dreams and Warnings against false prophets

I pray that the Holy Ghost may bring me the words to write in this post.  I want to write today about a warning that has been heavy on my heart lately in what I have been seeing on youtube from folks whom say they’ve been receiving words from the Lord.

Yes the time is short and no we don’t know the day nor the hour of His return but we know that time is very short now and God has now extended the time frame ever so slightly so that more of His children would wake up before He comes for His bride.

This world is ending and it’s us whom hang on and don’t give up our faith, our crowns for our beloved King of Kings, Jesus Christ.  This warning I have to share is do not be deceived by false prophets are wolves in sheep clothing or even those whom are part of the elect whom have been deceived by wicked spirits.

Remember Satan masquerades as an angel of light.  Anyone whom either misquotes from the bible, distorts or confuses folks from what they’re hearing, asks people what their dream meant that they received from the Lord and not asking the Lord are being deceived and leading themselves and others into a pit, receives messages that don’t come true, tells you that sinning is ok the Lord paid it all on the cross and it’s ok to keep on sinning.  Example smoking is ok.  Smoking is not ok, it’s a drug and the Father will not let anyone with blemishes enter the Kingdom of Heaven. If you’re sinning still pray and repent to Christ, go in your prayer closet as Christ commands and pray for release from the sin that is holding you back from intimacy with Jesus.

Anyone that is wearing thick make-up dressed in revealing clothing, are loud or boastful, writes letters that claim the Lord helped their hand write it, anyone that judges others on youtube even those whom scoff them and mock them, anyone that curses, wears clothing that promote death, you will know what I am talking about if you pray to the Father in heaven to ask for eyes to see and ears to hear or just make you feel uncomfortable or unworthy when watching their videos.  Ponder everything you hear and see and do not chase after signs and wonders, also refrain your eyes from viewing anything that the Holy Ghost would say no too.  That includes cartoons and watching of tv,  I would say to stop watching tv, you hear them constantly trying to tell you things they watched on tv, it grieves my spirit to hear them speak when they themselves are just puppets or dead bones trying to coax you back into the world do not listen to them but close your ears, remember this world is of the devil and everything in it is puppets for him to try and destroy, steal and kill, put on the full armor of God everyday.  We’re not of this world so do not love the things of this world for they’re fading fast and heaven is our home.

Ephesians 4:29 No foul language is to come from your mouth, but only what is good for building up someone in need, so that it gives grace to those who hear.

Proverbs 10:13-14  Wisdom characterizes the speech of the discerning, but the rod is for the backs of those lacking discernment. Those who are wise store up knowledge, but when the fool speaks, destruction is near.

Proverbs 18:21 The power of the tongue is life and death— those who love to talk will eat what it produces.

Romans 12:2 Don’t change yourselves to be like the people of this world, but let God change you inside with a new way of thinking. Then you will be able to understand and accept what God wants for you. You will be able to know what is good and pleasing to him and what is perfect.

I would suggest not touching anyone or their things that are of this world.  The devil and his evil spirits can host them and you can be affected by these evil spirits just from a touch they can attack you in your dreams, visions and voices you may hear.  That is why it’s so important to clean yourself with water also.  I shower twice a day in the morning and especially in the evening to wash away the sins of others that my spirit may have picked up I pray to the Lord and of course pray without ceasing.   Make sure your dwelling is free from all wicked and unclean things.

The Lord warns us touching those whom are unclean they’re hosts for all wicked thing.  I have seen demons in people including my own family and they often curse the Lord whenever I bring Him up to them or are ashamed.  It’s because often they do not know what they do, pray for them and have sympathy but do not associate with them lest their sins become your own.  And especially pray over all your food and drink and bless it also.

It’s all about getting your spirit ready if your church is not talking about this and about repentance and the coming of the Lord and getting one’s temple ready and cleaned, if they’re more focused on the things of this world, events, prosperity, things that tickle the ears and soothe the mind but grieve the spirit, allowing the world to dwell within their pews, rock and roll worship, fashion shows vanity and vexation of the spirit, luke warm messages then flee from them.

Those that promote the prosperity gospel, anyone that follows the world and not Jesus, whom make their channel all about what is happening in the world yet the focus should be on Christ and repentance, getting your house in order.  Anyone that receives so many messages a day that is not the way of the Father, He does not change, look at how He spoke to His prophets in the bible, sometimes they received one message during the years.  He is constant, truthful and often the answer comes not quickly but can take days, other times it can be an instant but if the words won’t stop something is not quite right.

I have heard the Father’s voice when He was warning me and it was always loud and commanding, His Son’s voice is small and gentle but always in love and encouragement.

Do not get involved in the world if people try and pull you back into pull away even further do not get involved in their drama or if they’re trying to cause trouble stay away.  Encourage each other, do not lose hope.  If you’re wary rest in Him.  Also do not follow those whom are black and white they’re of the devil.  You will see them by their fruits even in their clothing.  Do not be deceived a great deception is coming and I am not sure if the children of God will be taken out of here or we will be here when it happens.  But remember always the Father and His Son are perfect light there is no darkness found within them.  I believe a false Christ is coming and there is an evil female or the harlot Jezebel or Isis spirit that is coming also, an anti-christ trinity that will deceive those whom are not awake.



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