The Man from Galilee

Please Lord come quickly for your bride that loves you so much!  I long for the Lord so much every day and night, I cry out for Him.  I had a vision a few years ago when I was a born again Christian about Obama he was half a man and half a disgusting looking evil demon, he was so gross looking he sickened me and I was shocked to see it.  A vision from the Lord.

I have always known and felt Obama to be pure evil just look at his evil smile and there is no light in his eyes.   Don’t be deceived by those in authority.  I have been fighting also the spirit world against the evil ones thank the Lord He protects me and has never forsaken me even though I am a sinner and need to repent daily.  Please Lord protect and guide me always.  I long for heaven.  This world is not our own.  Do not hang onto the things of this world do not covet material goods as they’re useless do not make idols out of things.   Not only should you clean your temple your body but make sure you clean your homes of anything that would upset the Lord.  Anything can be an idol if it comes before the Lord.

I had a dream last night that I was working hard creating artistic crafts with much glitter and images which I love to do.  I was working with a few people but these people stopped working and left me but I wouldn’t give up creating the crafts and knew that I didn’t want to stop doing it because I loved it and felt very passionately about it.  But suddenly I was the only one left working and then I was finally done, it was like I was told your work is done it’s time for rest.

I then had a dream I was climbing a mountain with a few people there was darkness all around us but we saw a light shining in the clouds and we went towards that light.  The people then said look there is another light let’s go to that but I stayed by the original light and the light was moving and was beautiful and I felt it was very gentle and I felt peace.  I didn’t want to follow the others and later felt they went toward the wrong light yet I stood by that gentle and flickering light and then I woke up.  I wanted to yell at the others wait don’t go up there as that light was only an illusion and would disappear but it was too late for them.

Those dreams please pray for discernment but I have a few social media outlets including this blog that I work daily to try and warn people and save souls and bring people to Jesus, my boss and beloved King of Kings.

I am not bold and I get scared often but I try to be for the sake of my one true love in this world, Jesus Christ.  I don’t have any real friends except the Lord and my only love is the Lord.  I would leave everything and everyone behind me for the Lord, this world is nothing to me I love my family but they shun the Lord and it greatly saddens me and also I feel even disgusted by them perhaps this is what the Lord feels when they reject Him to me and I leave them in God’s Hands and pray for their salvation every night as I hope you do also for your loved ones if they don’t know the Lord or care to.  I have also left friends whom don’t believe as we’re told not to associate with those whom don’t love the Lord and pick up their cross to follow Him.  I try to warn them but they won’t listen to me or laugh at me or call me crazy.

I fear my Lord and savior and repent everyday I am nothing.  I have seen the Lord’s wrath come against me when I was sinning and it was terrible and extremely frightening in the dream He gave me.  He came in a dark cloud with lightning and wind and I could only fall to my face and cry out to Him please don’t hurt me!  Even than the Lord disciplines those who love Him.

It was so scary nobody wants to fall into the living God’s Hands when He is angry at them.  But even so when I cried out to Him to not hurt me, He moved away quickly and He was gentle with me He wouldn’t hurt me because I love Him so much.  I feel in the cloud the Lord is so kind, sweet, gentle and loving.  I felt a lamb within that big dark and scary cloud, a loving lamb that just wants to be loved and cared for and loves His children so much.  God loves you so much, He is so wonderful and beautiful there is no-one like Him because He is God and is perfect love!!

But for those whom mock, scoff and turn from God and love their sins and this world.  God is not a lamb but a lion.  Please if you don’t know Yahshua our Lord and savior whom died upon the cross so that we would be reconciled to our Father in heaven please pray and repent of your sins and ask Christ to come into your heart and make you a new heart, a heart not of stone but of flesh ask for forgiveness of your sins and to be set free by the blood of the Lamb of God.  Thank you Lord for helping me write this blog post and for blessing me always.  We pray to return to you even now come Lord Jesus the Holy Ghost and the Bride says come Lord Jesus come.


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Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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