The Lord is coming!

Please if you don’t know our Lord and savior and that He came to save us from our sins by dying on the cross and being raised on the third day, His name is Yahshua many know Him as Jesus.  Please don’t wait any longer tomorrow maybe too late. God loves you so very much and allowed His only beloved son to die for you and me on the cross to save us and allow us to be reconciled with our precious Father in heaven.

Daddy, our Father in heaven loves you and wants you home. Jesus is coming to take His bride home with Him the church those whom wait day and night for His return with longing and repentance.  Those whom have left this world behind and no longer are held by the worlds secular appeal.

Awaken oh sleeper it’s time to rest in the arms of our beloved King of Kings.  Don’t be asleep when He comes in the clouds to fetch His bride to be with Him in heaven.  All the angels rejoice at the reunion of the happy and most joyful day when God’s children return to Him.  Be apart of the greatest and most awesome party in heaven of this reunion.  Don’t be left behind to face the tribulation.  No-one would ever want to go through the tribulation which is the worst time in man’s history a literal hell on earth where the army of darkness is set loose on the earth to torment man day and night and the wrath of God comes down upon their heads.

I have been waking up with the words going home soon, this morning really early I heard in the spirit that the harvest is ready.  The time is now!  Bride of Christ be ready with constant prayer and repentance focus your thoughts on the Lord day and night.  I love to go to sleep listening to the psalms.  I recommend this video:

I would listen to this every night now as the enemies attacks are becoming more frantic as his time is running short in attacking the bride.

But rest peacefully under the shelter of His wings for no harm shall come to those whom love the Lord.  I sleep very peacefully while listening to this.  Mark Hardy also has very wise words from the Lord in praying over all our food and drink.

Yesterday I had a woman prepare my food at the grocery store whom I am sure was under demonic control she even wore a goats head necklace.  Even though I tried to get away from her both her and her partner followed me even though I have never seen them in the restaurant area nor her before.  And they prepared my food and drink and of course I had nightmares and was attacked with temptations and sins.  I was foolish to accept this food and drink and must be more aware and focused on the Holy Spirit to guide me and protect me.

As paranoid as this may seem try not to take food or drink from strangers but pray over everything you consume.  I suggest not eating or drinking anything that has the devils mark upon it as this world is under his control example pop, addictive food or drink, unclean foods such as pork and stay sober, pray over your work daily your transport to wherever you need to go to and also your homes and clean your homes of anything that would grieve the Holy Spirit pray over everything earnestly.




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Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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