Sober and ever Watchful

So keep on watching, because you don’t know on what day your Lord is coming. …. and pray that you may have the strength to escape all that is about to happen … 5:6 Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober”” Matthew 24:42

I feel sober today, extremely serious and without merriment or joy that I normally feel.  The feeling is so very strong and poignant that I had many bouts of weeping for this world.  Praying for my family fervently that even though they’re not saved I pray that God in His great love and mercy will forgive them through my prayers and pleas.  I love my family and it breaks my heart that they don’t know Jesus nor care to.  I don’t want them to be abandoned by God dear Lord please have mercy and forgiveness on the souls of my family.  Please Abba forgive those I love as you love them and me.

Pray without ceasing for those unsaved.  Pray not only for your loved ones but your co-workers, strangers you meet and people you know but are not your friends.  We don’t want anyone to go through the tribulation.  Please do not wait, tomorrow maybe too late.

I keep looking at the sky nearly all day today even though it was gloomy I keep feeling that nudging within my spirit that He could show up any minute now.  So many are having dreams and visions like never before.  I feel goosebumps yet again when I write this, my agony for everyone whom doesn’t know Jesus and His beloved Father our Father in heaven weighs terribly on my heart.  It’s like I can’t breathe anymore or push through each day.  I see a vision of a cloud twirling into a hole like portal or the eye of a whirlwind moving faster in a circle is this where His angels will come from?

I hear Him call my name gentle but with authority from within me in that still small voice and my hearts beats faster, feeling peace wash over my body.  I can see His face more clearly now so much love in those beautiful eyes of His.  I can gaze into His eyes forever more, I love Him so much.  That love He has for you and me is in-describable.  God loves you so much.  He never abandons you no matter what you’ve done or what kind of mess you think your life is.  God will never forsake you, if you only ask Him to forgive Him.  Time is so very short now, we have only minutes left on the clock.  This could be my last posting even.

Hallelujah praise the Lamb of God, praise Him in glory, truth and justice.  Holy is His name on high.  King of Kings and Lord of Lords have mercy on your children.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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