We live in a time like no other. He is coming!

I have been a long time away from my blog, but I never stop telling folks about Jesus.  I love His Word and He is my first love, and I will never abandon Him as He has never forsaken me through my tribulations and sorrows.

From what is going in the world, prophecy is coming true before our eyes.  Those whom are asleep in the world, need to wake up now!  You either love God or mammon, you can’t have both.  I have been warning folks about His coming for many years now and I won’t stop warning of Christ’s return, because I work in God’s time not mine.

I will be working on this blog for Him just as I am on Twitter and Facebook spreading His good news of salvation through the blood of Christ we’re redeemed.  I will keep sharing my dreams and visions, and what His still small voice tells me.

I love you all so much and want you to be in heaven as He loves you, it’s a perfect love.  Glory to God on high, forever and ever!  I was led to watch a video this evening.  And I am always skeptical of those whom post on youtube as you must test the spirits always including myself and my posts to pray over them to make sure they’re from Christ.

But I can’t deny the huge amount of video’s that are coming from people all over the world whom are saying the Lord is warning them that His return is now!  There is no more time left.  If you don’t believe me search yourself.  People indeed are having dreams and visions and even God is speaking to the lost and saving people, Muslims, Hindu’s.  He is speaking to those of religions and we’re seeing signs and wonders in the heavens above and on earth!


I am beyond excited as I have also been spiritually attacked fiercely these past few days and lately I have been dreaming of the glorious beauty of heaven and seeing my mansion in heaven through visions and yes I have to confirm God gives you the desires of your heart.  I do not claim I am special or anyone, I am just a speck of dust and I pray daily to be worthy enough.  I cry often for this world, my pain and the heaviness of my soul from the constant evil I see in the world and sins.  He paid it all for us yet so many don’t want His gift of life, it breaks my heart.

I had a vision just a few days ago.  Our beautiful Jesus was dressed in a long white robe with a sash over His shoulder.   He showed me an angel that had the shofar right next to his lips about to blow.  And Saturday evening I had a dream of a wedding it was inside a large room and the room was filled with guests and there were trees inside with falling golden, red and brown leaves showing the season of the wedding, Fall.  The bride and groom I felt represented Christ and His bride, His dearly faithful.

This video that I watched tonight of a young woman, as she spoke in the Spirit.  Within I felt an amazing shiver go through me, it was powerful, peaceful and felt so good, instantly I knew this was Him.  Her words are Spirit filled from Christ.  And it’s a warning to those how late the hour is.  So if you do not know Jesus Christ please pray now, ask forgiveness for your sins and let Christ work within your heart, ask Him into your heart.  He loves you so much and doesn’t want anyone to perish.  Spend eternity with our heavenly Father whom is pure love and life.  We choose where we want to go, God doesn’t punish anyone but you must choose His Son whom died for our sins, otherwise His death will have meant nothing.  He loves you, it’s a perfect love of a Daddy for His child, for you’re His creation.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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