The Clock strikes Midnight

I have been in my prayer closet, drawing ever closer to Him in intimacy, prayer, thanksgiving, repentance, and love.

He is truly an all-consuming fire and He has burned away many of my past bad habits and sins.  I could not do it on my own, but with His loving but firm guidance, and my own fears of not being called home by Him has kept me on the straight and narrow path.

I feel at a loss right now, many friends I have lost due to their behaviors and being in the world and not in Him which has forced me to move away from them and they’ve abandoned me.  I have become isolated from the world, taking to the enjoyments as my talks with the Father and His Son, communing with the Holy Spirit whom makes me smile with joy just thinking about Him, and my kitty, studies and a few close schoolmates whom are Christian also, as the world has drawn ever closer to the evil one, I have felt myself being drawn away from it and it’s dealings.

I do not feel a belonging or home on this earth anymore for my real home is with Christ.  I feel such heartache, sadness and grief for what is about to come to this earth that is on an evil pathway towards destruction.  Tears were rolling down my face at church this morning and I felt myself break out in a sweat, asking forgiveness to the Father for my past sins and for those whom are on the cliff’s edge ready to fall into the abyss.  I pray for their souls, that they may come to God before it’s too late.

I had to write by the urgings of the Lord Jesus Christ to warn them.  He is coming and those within Him will disappear in a twinkling of an eye, to a paradise that it unlike anything eyes have seen or sounds ears have heard, such glorious beauty and light, and those that do not have His Spirit within them will face hell on earth, darkness, pain, and torment.  It’s horrific what is coming and men hearts truly will fail at the coming destruction and evil that will devour them.

Time is so very short and even today I feel that this taking way, it could happen even by tomorrow.  I had two visions this weekend.  One was of a man whom looked like a banker or stockbroker he was sprawled out on his desk crying, there was an empty glass of alcohol I believe on the desk, there was a chart behind him and there was a red arrow painted on it going downwards with numbers on it.  I was told that the economy will fail.

The next vision I had while laying down for a nap today, a clock appeared in my mind so quick the hand was pointed at midnight but the other hand was pointed five minutes past midnight.  Meaning we’re past time now.  That is why it’s so important now to pray without ceasing, worship Him, now is the time not of asking Him for material gain or needs, and earthly things, now is the time for repentance, worship, and praying for the lost and unsaved because our beloved Lord Jesus and savior could show up today or even tomorrow and call your name.  Are you Spiritually ready?

Jesus ChristPlease if you have not asked God into your heart or do not have an relationship with Jesus Christ or believe that He is the Son of God, please ask Him now into your hearts, pray for forgiveness for your sins and even just pick up the bible to learn about Him.  He loves you so very much and wants a relationship with you, His love is beyond earthly love, and it’s without judgement and it’s unconditional.  You’re never alone when you receive this love.  Your heart then soars as if it has wings once you get to know Jesus.

Imagine being in love with someone for the first time, but then imagine that this first time love lasts not a few weeks or so, then slowly fades or becomes varnished with time and hurt, but this love grows and burns passionately like a flame, never will He hurt you or abandon you, this love strips away all your pasts hurts and sorrows so that it heals your hearts wounds and allows your soul to blossom and grow like a beautiful flower constantly reaching towards the Son.  It’s pure and beautiful relationship when you’re in love with God and nothing on earth compares to the wonderful emotions you feel when you’re embraced by His Son.  Truly no words can explain or emotions come close to the infinite love God has for His children.  He truly thirsts for your love and seeks it as a Father for His children.

It’s this perfect love that is the only love that will set you free from the evil ones bondage, please ask for His love now if you’ve already not done so.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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