Prepare Jesus is coming!

I have been receiving warnings urgently to warn them of His soon coming. The Father has been speaking to me from within, warning me to urgently let those know of Christ’s soon coming.  Please if you do not know Jesus please get to know Him really soon, tomorrow maybe too late.   Don’t wait another moment if you do not know whom our creator is. 

I had a dream this morning that there was snakes swimming in water and that I kept on warning my family and strangers not to step on them as they were poisonous and they would die if they were bitten.  My family kept on going closer and closer to the water not heeding my warnings or cries and actually putting their feet in the water but I kept on running up to them and pushing them out of the water.

I do believe that this dream means that the Lord Jesus will intervene on our loved ones that are not saved because we pray for them daily, if we stop praying for their salvation they’re at risk for destruction.   That we fight daily in trying to get them to know Jesus and His salvation. 

It’s a constant struggle but we do it out of love for our friends and family whom do not know Jesus or do not care to.

I also had a dream of Manhattan and that it was a wasteland looked like an nuclear bomb went off in it.  And that I was walking through it and there was this book and I picked it up and I read some of the words it said whomever chooses the anti-christ is cursed for all eternity.  It had this picture on the cover of a being that looked partly like a man but he had lion’s teeth, and his eyes were cat-like also, slanted downward almost like one of those gray aliens, they were pure black and he had a beard and his hair he had this two almost cat like ears or perhaps they were horns, but it was the teeth that I was staring at.  Very sharp and he had a very angry almost hungry look to his face like he would eat men alive.

He looked alien like. Not human at all.  Almost cat-like in appearance.  I woke up from this dream.  I have seen this face in another dream, I had a dream of this face it was in a very dark storm cloud that thundered.

So much is happening now in the world we must put on the armor of God daily, pray without ceasing as often as we can, get in our prayer closets and keep our lamps full of oil.  Jesus is coming.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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