Finding our Father from Within Hearing God’s Voice

I don’t understand the world anymore.  I feel so dis-connected from life in general.  All I can do is look up to the heavens and praise Him.  My heart sings to Him of love and worship.  I often imagine laying at His pierced feet and just massaging them and kissing them and resting my head against His precious feet.  Some may think this foolish but it’s an  over-flowing love I feel within me that can often hurt so much, it’s like a stabbing within my inner core an ache to be connected to Him once more, a desire to be filled with Him.

I do believe when one reaches heaven they’re immediately connected to the Father, His pure light hits your chest and you radiate with His light, and no longer are alone or even you, but a part of Him now once more just as He lives in us, the kingdom of Heaven is within us.  Our Daddy in heaven gave us a loving gift, His son whom sacrificed His life upon the cross so that we may no longer be separated from Him and each soul born is now born with a piece of our Father within us.  It’s the intimacy that bond, He seeks so longingly with His children.

We can hear His voice soft and gentle within if only we listen and have time for Him, you know it’s Him because everything He says to you is truth, and filled with such love and good wisdom.  So go to your prayer closets, take a quiet moment and just talk to Him.  Get to know your Daddy in Heaven, your one true Father whom created all, whom loves you so much.  He is always talking but we are not often listening and too busy in the world, that is death and destruction.

Our home is not this earth, nor is our bodies our true vessel for we’re the children of the most High, and our home is a spiritual realm ruled by the King of Kings Jesus Christ.  Our Father lives within us.  Get to know Him please before it’s too late.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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