Another Dream about Japan now

I had a dream last night.  I was in a car with someone I don’t know who he was truly.  But I had a feeling he represented my brother but at the same time not my brother on earth or related to me here, it was strange.  I have two brothers though my dear brother Brian was tragically killed in a MVA six years ago.

He was driving this man that represented my brother but was of heavenly origin I feel and I was trying to warn people on the streets that Jesus is coming.  But nobody was listening.   They were all too busy with their cell phones, chatting to one another going about their daily tasks.  Most of them laughed at me.  My demeanor was frantic and urgent as if there is so little time left now.

I feel God was showing me this is how the world portrays His return.  They laugh and mock, or are so asleep in the world that they’re completely ignorant as to what is going on, only in front of their very eyes can they see.  The devil has deceived so many and lulled them into sleep with the latest techno gadgets.

These gadgets no matter how alluring have damaged mankind’s ability to create and have caused nothing but grief to our society in general.  When before the time of techno take-over man would spend the winters discovering and creating, inventing, crafting and sculpting now he spends most of his time watching television, playing violent video games, or on the cell phones.    And the evil one laughs as man loses his creative process to even survive without basic ammenities.

It’s a sad world and one ruled by the enemy of our souls.  Wake up before it’s too late, Jesus is coming do not be asleep as the foolish virgins were, keep your oil full.

I keep on hearing that the world is getting darker, spiritually darker as time goes by.  It’s only going to get worse.  I also had a dream of Japan I was trying to save the children as a giant wave was coming.  I feel this is another earthquake that is about to occur.  This one will be much more destructive then the 2011 one I fear greatly.  Please pray for the people of Japan.

I know of a family in Japan where their 3 year old son woke up and told them bom bom Japan, when they asked him what he meant he moved his hand back and forth and said to his mother and father bad.  This is the truth.  Please even the children are being now warned.  This happened not even two nights ago.  And I was woken up urgently from my slumber with someone saying in my head red alert red alert Japan in a very frantic tone.

Please if you know of someone living in Japan please warn them, tell them to get out of Japan go for a mini holiday somewhere, please I know it sounds crazy but it could save their lives.  Japan is located on a massive underwater trench that is slowly crumbling into the sea.  Japan has not stopped shaking since that 2011 earthquake.  They’re going into the sea.  Everyone thinks that our landmasses will be forever but they’re not the world is changing and is headed for a cleansing by God nothing will be left of our former earth.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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