A Dream that I had last night

What I am feeling quite strongly from within is that the Father wants us, His children to stay away from the secular world as much as we possibly can do so at this point in time.  The enemy of our souls is working overtime in the media to steal, plunder and destroy as many as possible.  You can see it now in the sports shows, in the news, in entertainment, in movies, in music, how far reaching the devil has spread his evil.  Those that watch or part-take of these things, open doorways for demons to enter.  It’s very strong spiritual evil now, because the enemies time is short to attack Christ‘s children.

If you don’t believe me, turn on your television and watch it with eyes to see and ears to hear.  You can see it even as you walk down the street in people’s eyes and their demeanor it’s s coldness towards others, so focused on their own needs and desires.  Demonic possession is also becoming more and more frequent.   I am not saying these words to judge others but to put out the warning flags.  We’re not perfect either and do stumble, that is why we must also repent daily of our sins, a washing and cleansing of these evil things that we’ve been witnessed to.

If you do not know Jesus Christ please seek Him now.  Pray for those that are lost and unsaved, do not judge or throw stones, help others and always have compassion towards one another in love and kindness.

I had a dream last night that I was in a pet store looking for my pet’s certain cat food but they didn’t have it, no matter how hard I looked, the ground was also wet which I found really strange. I then heard on the overhead speaker music but it was a man singing that Jack is back, and that everything is going to be put to right because Jack is back.  I then woke up, and immediatly heard a loud trumpet sound outside, this has been going on for the last two days here.

Hearing a loud trumpet like sound early in the morning.  Even my cat hears it because he jumps, it’s not a spiritual trumpet sound that only my ears can hear but everyone can hear it here.  I do though believe that this is a warning from God.  It just started this trumpet sound not even two days ago.  I then had a vision of a flashlight but when it turned on, it was not light but black.


I feel quite strongly when looking at the clouds this morning and praying how very near our Lord Jesus is.  I am not sure if anyone else feels this strong stirring in their souls like I do, but I feel the return of the King of Kings, the Lion of Judah to fetch His children to bring them home to Him.

I cried a little thinking of our real home, thinking how I don’t want this world anymore, it’s getting so dark and evil.  Just want to go home to our beloved Daddy in Heaven how He is so beautiful, kind and loving, light encircles Him, you cannot see Him only His torso and the outline of His throne, His brilliant white light shines forth out of Him.  Water pours forth from His throne, living waters that flow down from His throne and across a floor that is like glass.  How wonderful and amazing He is, perfect love and life everlasting.  The great I AM.  The beginning and the end.  How I long to be with Him in worship, love and praise.  To sing with the angels to our Daddy in Heaven, how we love Him.

I feel that Father is showing me that this Jack is back, that we cannot find what we need in this world anymore to sustain us, only Christ can.  I have heard of this Jack portrayed as the joker or jester or symbolizing devil.  The flashlight that turned on showing darkness, was I feel symbolizing the world that soon all the light shall be gone and that the sun shall no longer shine it’s light but be darkened.


Please discern all my dreams through Christ.  And seek better understanding through His Word, the bible.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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