How to discern religious spirits and those that speak thus says the Lord

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I must confess I used to walk down that path thinking that one must be Holy, blameless, spotless if they’re to ever enter Heaven.  The problem is that we’re human, and we’re made of the flesh but become one with the Spirit of God once we accept Jesus as our personal savior, first love and one true God of Gods.  We’re set free by the blood of the Lamb and become reborn in Him, purified not by the water which we are made of but by the fire.  I used to pray and cry many nights thinking I was unworthy asking pleading for forgiveness for my sins, thinking I was never good enough, since I was involved in occultism practices most against my will since I was very young.  And that never thinking that I could ever be loved by God after how dirty I was from this.

But I know this, I am at peace and rest in the safe and warm arms of the beloved Lamb of God, I am His!  I am loved by God!  No-one can take that away from you, the love of God!  Only you can take that away from you, no matter what they tell you.  You can’t become holy or good enough ever because only He can make us Holy and good enough by accepting His Son into our hearts and then we’re set free by the sacrifice of Christ.  He did it all!  He bared it all for us, the most horrific but most loving sacrifice a Father could ever do for His children.  He died for us.

And our sins are forgiven in that one instant, Jesus set us free.  I have since turned from those that say they are prophets of the Lord yet tell us to be Holy and blameless in front of Him.  That if we sin we can’t enter heaven.  How can anyone of us not sin on our own?  We can’t it’s impossible!  Only He was sinless and perfect.  Only through Jesus are we set free from our sins!

What causes, fear, doubt, unworthiness is not of God!!! But of the devil.  God is pure perfect love like a lamb but also a lion against evil.  If you read something and it makes you doubt your salvation through Christ,  and that you’re unworthy of Him, even though you accept Him as your Lord and savior, master and King of Kings, the most intimate relationship with God that you alone have, then you must spit it out and walk away least it cause you to stumble and fall.

The terrible thing about many of these sermons are that they’re of a religious spirit.  And that they cause people to not come to Christ but to turn and fall away thinking that they will never be good enough that they might as well give up all together!!  That is the terrible thing about these.  That most think that God is unforgiving and cruel that we can’t be holy enough so that we might as well give up, many try so hard to become worthy of God that it even makes them physically sick and in a deep depression and fear thinking they will go to hell because they sin.

Rest easy in the arms of the beloved lamb of God for you’re His and He will always forgive you, when you come to Him.  Jesus Christ finished it, He is the first and the last the Alpha and the Omega.  He did it all on the cross of Calvary so that we may have a loving and binding relationship with the Father.

I am no longer reading such things or words from God as they unsettle me or depress me, it’s a relationship with Jesus Christ that we should focus on not on the words of man. Having a most intimate relationship with Jesus is my main agenda now.  He forgave that thief on the cross at that last moment, because he said he believed in Him.  Does it take anything more than that?  Jesus loves me this I know because the bible tells me so!


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