The rainbow a sacred symbol of God’s Covenant with His people

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When I read how the Federal Reserve would be flying a rainbow flag to celebrate gay pride month it devastated me in such a way on how mankind has fallen into such demonic depravity and worship of such evil abominations as Sodam was burned so will America for the sins have been become such a stench to the God Almighty.  I only pray that many are saved by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in these wicked and sorrowful days.

Oh how that grieves my spirit to see that flag being portrayed as it is.  Rainbows are sacred to God, and everytime I see a rainbow in the sky I know it’s Jesus saying hello to me, and makes me feel so wonderful.  So this torments me terribly and causes a painful ache inside of me to see God’s rainbow used in such an unholy and perverted way.  It’s such a perverse abomination and sin homosexuality, yet America and even the world promotes it as being good and wholesome.  It’s demonic and those afflicted must be prayed for as all sins are demonic spirits that dwell within man, only with the daily anointing and blood covering of our Lord Jesus Christ are we set free by the lamb of God from our sins.  But we must pray and repent daily in our walk with the Lord Jesus, to grow more intimate with God is and should be our one and only goal in this life as He created or life, not for us but for companionship with Him.

I am sure our beloved King of Kings, the Lord Jesus is weeping in heaven for the lost and unsaved, as we His children and bride cry for Him below to leave this sick, dying and evil world.  There is salvation and freedom only through the Lord Jesus for those afflicted by this unholy sin and they can be released by these demons that cause them to sin in such a way, to rebuke Satan by using the powerful and awesome name of our Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to be released in worship and repentance with a sincere heart.  But the sad realization is that many don’t want to be released by their wicked and lustful impulses and see this not as being evil but normal.

Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

Once upon a time America used to be under the shelter of the wings of our Lord Jesus but they now mock and scorn God.

The bride and the Spirit cry out come Lord Jesus come.  It destroys me inside as I watch my precious nieces being raised in a world that hates God and seeing how the world treats our beloved King in such an evil and horrible way!  Our most loved and most precious Lord Jesus and creator whom died such an agonizing and horrific death so that we may live brings tears to my eyes and kills me inside, how they can mock and hate God is like daggers in my soul.

Judgment is coming and it’s not because the Lord does this out of spite and malice but the world needs to see that man is not in control and that there is a living God, wake up world we must pray for those lost before it’s too late, for Jesus is coming for His bride and He will not tarry any longer!


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One Response to The rainbow a sacred symbol of God’s Covenant with His people

  1. Neil says:

    Thanks for your post. Reclaim the rainbow!

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