The Mark of the Beast! Do not take the micro-chip!

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I had to share this urgent and very serious letter that I received from two sisters in Christ whom hear from the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is from Susan, you can read their letters from the Lord, about the soon coming of Jesus and also the urgency about the need to turn back to God and repent your sins.

Jesus Christ is coming for His bride!  This is it folks, we’re in the end of days, do not be fooled that everything is normal around you!  Look at the signs!  It’s written in His word what would happen and is happening now, before the coming of the son of man!  The Lord Jesus is coming, are you prepared and watching for Him?

Do not be sent to hell or be left behind once He takes His light, the bride out of here!  For the torment, agony and suffering that those that did not get right with God when they had the time will be paramount and unthinkable, no words can describe the coming hell on earth that is approaching quickly!

Please listen to me, I am pleading, do not be left behind because you were focused on the world and not on our savior and redeemer, the one that died and sacrificed everything for us, so that we may live and have eternal life in paradise with God!  Turn back to God, repent of your sins, while you still have time!  For time is running out!

The words from Susan.

I want to tell you something in confidence.  I know we are putting out these messages of the LORD’s soon return (the letters titled I AM COMING) and they are falling on deaf ears and we are even persecuted and have been abusively.  Many are believing and the word has spread around the world and being translated into many languages for the people.  Our website with the LORD’s letters had over 1,077 hits in one day, yesterday.
But, here is the seriousness of the times we are entering.  Israel is now surrounded on all sides by her enemies as I have been contacted by people who have met with the Prime Minister of Israel and the last hold out Jordan now has folded in with the others against Israel because of fear and concern for their own land.
The United Nations is against Israel.  The European Union is against Israel.  Our President and Secretary of State is against Israel.  and the Pope and the Vatican of the entire Catholic church has spoken out against Israel.  This is not a good thing.  There are earthquakes and strange weather phenomona in diverse places.  Wars and rumors of wars.  And I could go on and on.
The lukewarm churches are asleep and the ministry staffs are not preaching “end times” but rather the things that tickle the ears–this is a Biblical sign.
Now the LORD has shown me how gravely serious the work we are doing for HIM is right now and I want to share this with you.  We know someone who runs a facebook page that warns people about the RFID chip.  He was recently approached by a young person (and this person’s parents) that he had taken an RFID chip and was concerned about it now.  The facebook person contacted us and wanted to know if we could seek the LORD in this matter.
I already knew the answer but I did seek the LORD and the answer was serious.  HE said the RFID chip and the entire system of the chip which is about to come into mass use is the Mark of the Beast and HE said HE cannot alter HIS word for one person. So the warnings are clear in the Bible not to fold into the system of satan which this chip is.  We are utterly devastated by this situation.  And now I am telling you how serious things are getting because the chip is already out in the public being used by various organizations voluntarily.
Now even if you push back your chair and deny the reality that this RFID system is in fact the mark of the beast I have heard Pastors preaching that it is okay to take the chip and it is just the precursor of the actual mark of the beast–I want to say wow who called that guy up and told him that–and just how irresponsible is it to play with other people’s eternal destinies in such a haphazard way?  Just who gave that person license to tell people its okay to fold into this soon-to-come nightmare system and tinker so easily with other people’s eternal outcomes?
Many people are seeking the LORD and HE is telling them the same thing we are hearing–this is the Mark of the Beast.  It is satan’s conquest to “know all” like GOD from a “creation” vs. “CREATOR” perspective.  These chips will be the world’s system of knowing everything about each human: what you buy, when you buy, what your health is, where you go, what you read, what you drive, where you work, what your hobbies/interests are, who your children are, where you live, where you are at any given moment, what your account numbers are, how much money you have, what you owe anyone, what your addictions are, how much you drink or smoke, what your prescriptions are, what your body needs to survive, what your handicaps are, what your age is, who you spend time with, where you vacation, what room you are in your house at any given moment, where you are in your car at any given moment.
Most of this information is available now–but there will be no doubt about it once you have a chip in your body.
This year, a friend had a dream–He called me twice about it.  He did not understand the dream and asked me about it–at first I did not know what it meant.  But then this dream led me to some incredible government information that I would have never looked for in a million years–it led me straight to a website with detailed information of how the U.S. government plans to use these chips with everyone very very soon.
The Russian President also flew into San Francisco this past June 23 to meet with our president and signed a one billion dollar deal with the same organization for biotechnology for the Russians.  So you think this technology is way off in the distant and you can kick back and relax for the moment?  Well we are finding out differently and we are already hearing of people who are chipping themselves voluntarily and now wondering if they have done the wrong thing.  Because the LORD led us to this information in a supernatural way, through a friend’s dream–we also discovered that the government will be using a GPS tracking system with the chip that is seven times more powerful than any current tracking system available now.

You cannot live with blinders any longer and the future is now.  People somehow think that GOD is going to send out private memos to each person with warnings and detailed descriptions about what exactly is the mark of the beast and when not to take it–Well GOD has put out a memo in advance warning the people–it is HIS Book:

Revelation 13:16-18: 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.

This is the plan for the RFID chip to be used right away for a cashless society also within the new healthcare system signed into existence and is already being elaborately planned for by the current administration (as the LORD led us to this information). 

The chip will be installed in the right hand and the forehead since they researched and found this to be the best place to install the chip in a human. God is not a man that HE can lie.  Funny this was spoken of so very long ago and yet here it is coming to pass.

This alone should make you tremble with the reality of it all–yet the people dismiss it.  The reality is the RFID system is coming together at lightning speed and we are now encountering those who are already voluntarily taking the chip even now as we speak. It will be impossible for people to function in this cashless society without this chip.  It will be impossible for you to enter in GOD’s Kingdom if you take this chip.  Let me tell you something sobering I know about GOD’s WORD–it is more significant than any human life.  GOD does not alter HIS WORD for any human…that is why this is so incredibly serious and that is why what we are trying to do is so very important and that is why it is so very irresponsible to mislead others regarding this matter.  If you don’t believe us–seek the LORD for this NOW so you know how to properly advise people around you.  GOD requires a full surrender to HIM to be saved–not a lukewarm semi-commitment that is promoted by many mainstream churches.  GOD bless and prepare your family and friends for what is coming.  We may be getting beat up now by the people around us–but I choose not to stand before GOD with blood on my hands someday.


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