You can’t have two masters so choose life, Jesus Christ

Holy Spirit dove window

Image by hickory hardscrabble via Flickr

Come Lord Jesus come! I don’t believe even if the rapture doesn’t happen on new years eve or day that we will be here much longer, just look at the state of the world, this world itself is groaning and in pain from the birth pangs, the horrific storms and extreme weather that this world has never seen before, that we’re having now. And it will only get worse I feel.  There are more floods and sinkholes the earth is groaning under the evil that is growing and consuming.

Mankind, in general, you see their hearts shriveling with bitterness, greed and wrath against their fellow men, the majority have grown cold and hard towards our loving God. The sin, deprivation and evil of the world, is so sick and growing our precious children are being tainted by this evil everyday! The rampage and take over of the anti-christ symbols being used, the upside down cross, “peace sign” we see it being used everywhere the anti-christ symbol, the beast symbol and number in logos and clothing that our children are wearing!  They worship death and not life, you hear it in the music and see it on tv.

Our food and water are being poisoned, our air contaminated from the contrail spraying, even our bodies are being tainted by evil and our dna corrupted and changed by the massive usage of cell phones, radio waves, elf waves, tsa scanners which have been proven to destroy our dna and other forms which the evil is creating for the usage of mankind making it look flashy and easy, yet it all has death written all over it.

Cancer is becoming the worldwide epidemic, as obesity is growing also as the world becomes more stationary and lazy due to the easy consumables which only poison our bodies and stagnant and over-worked, over-taxed lifestyles which leave us all too exhausted to enjoy life, after a long days work, many just fall in front of the tv and eat some junk food and have our minds programmed and corrupted by the sinful garbage in the media.

They want mankind as asleep, ignorant, and dumbed down as possible that no resistance remains, and from what is happening in the world, they’re succeeding. Man worships every unclean thing and idol that there is out there being propagandized and created by the evil men for greed and power that have sold their souls to the devil and they’re laughing at all the lost souls, because man would rather watch the evil on tv then pray, love, spend intimacy with, or worship the one true God that created them!

Evil is now Good and Good is now Evil as more folks revolt for the breaking and lawlessness of God’s rules and doctrines, all in the name of freedom, liberties, anarchy, and free speech. But it’s all lies to blind the world that what is happening is good yet all of it only leads into the lake of fire! More rights for gays, more rights for prostitutes, more rights for those that have committed heinous crimes, even feminist rights are destroying the healthy and perfect family life that God ordained, divorces on the up rise, children being abandoned and neglected, being baby sat by the television and violent video games, abortions growing and accepted, the blood of the innocent from babies being killed every second in the world, before their first breath of life scream out for vengeance and retribution towards God against this atrocity and murder!

Darwinism is taking over the world, as science lies to mankind and shows them false deceptions and pretty pictures on how man was created and the world was created and man believes in the lie, because they’re deceived and follow after the world and the beast and not God. God is becoming a word that many are ashamed of even using, and those that praise God and worship Him are being mocked and even killed for their faith! No other false religion in the world is as prejudiced against as the one true and real religion, Christianity! Why is that? Because as the Lord has said but not in these words those that hate Him, love the world, and you see that the majority of mankind loves the world and sin and hates God and those that love Him!

John 3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

John 12:25 Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.

John 15:19 If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

It makes me shiver and tremble with upset inside when someone around me uses my precious Lord’s name in vain! Many now use His name in swear words, His blessed and perfect name is only fit now to be cussed with. You hear it everyday, everywhere you go now you hear the evil they’re spewing forth from mouths that judge, cuss, fornicate, lust, greed, lies, hatred, jealousy, anger and bitterness.

The sin and evil is growing and if the Lord doesn’t step in soon to take His children of the light home then there would be nobody left, except for such a tiny handful. But yet perhaps as in the days of Noah this is being shown to us now, just the small handful will be taken aboard the ark of God, the rapture as some have named as calling the great rescue!

So I personally cannot make plans for the future nor will I ever, because all plans are for naught that don’t involve Christ in them. We must wait in patience and be ever watchful for the blessed return of our redeemer and savior, the lover of our souls and life eternal, the Lord Jesus Christ! He will come for His bride because that is all that matters now to focus on His face and seek Him in everything you do, nothing matters in your life anymore because it’s all dust and death, it will no longer exist nor will you upon this earth if your intimacy is strong with Christ.

He knows your heart and knows your love towards Him, so don’t be discouraged or give up faith of His soon arrival and don’t be depressed if you suffer a dry spell or think your lamp is running out of oil, the devil is working overtime and is lying to you that you’re not good enough for the love of God and that you will be left behind because you’re not good enough in your life, nor will the Lord ever come so go back to sleep!

Don’t believe the father of lies, he’s against God’s children because He wants you not watching and going back into the world because of the soon arrival of our Lord Jesus! So pray to Father God for more oil, pray for the Holy Spirit to come to you and fill you with the passion and yearning of Christ. Don’t doubt His return as the scoffers do, walk away from them and let them eat and be merry with the world because in the morning as in the day of Noah they perished.

Put on the full armor of God and go out of this evil and wicked world because Jesus is coming for His bride. This we know deep within our very souls of how late the hour is, as He is calling each and everyone of those whom are prepared and watching, and He is coming very very soon! Hallelujah! Come Lord Jesus come!


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Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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