The coming of the Lord!!

I felt I needed to share this with you all to give you hope, comfort and love from our bridegroom.  I was laying in my bed weeping, wanting the Lord to come so badly, and talking to the Lord about the world how evil and wicked it has become and how the evil hurts my soul so much to see others hurting and being hurt and for His creation, mankind turning away from Him.

How that must hurt Him so much, my families salvation, and I was singing to Him a little  I made up a song of love to Him.  I then closed my eyes and saw a bright light like a star descending then I think I fell asleep.  This is the part that gets very powerful and moves me so, I am still in awe, wonder and love for Him for what He has shown me!

I had a vision like a dream.  I saw heaven in my dream, it was so beautiful, no words can truly describe the beauty and wonder of it.  The streets shone like glass, glittering, and there was steeple like temples all around made of gold.  There were clouds of mist in the sky, so bright with light, rainbows, there were gates that were like pearls that shone every color like a rainbow opal shell.

And there were these angels standing around and some sitting and talking I couldn’t hear what they were saying they all wore white, some had gowns the females, others had robes, some had no sleeves their gowns shown with bright white light and gold.  Then I woke up.

When I closed my eyes again this was around midnight, I saw Jesus!  He was so handsome, shoulder length brownish colored hair, He had a beard, and His eyes they were so beautiful and in longing and love!  They were flaming on fire, like fire dancing inside of them.

He wore this bright gold crown on His head, and He was flying but coming really fast like the speed of light, angels were flying with Him.  He had no wings, but He was dressed in a long flowing robe,  He was flying fast! It was amazing..I don’t remember what happened next I think I passed out from the sheer experience of being in the Lord’s presense.

I remember then laying in my computer chair sleeping, in this next dream but it felt so shockingly real and vivid.  My neck was actually hurting from laying back in the chair from the strain.  I was pretending to sleep my computer was on and my picture of Jesus was on the screen in my wallpaper.  My eyes were closed and I didn’t want to open them.  I heard His voice it was so soft yet beautiful and gentle, He was singing to me a lullaby.

I couldn’t and didn’t want to open my eyes because I knew if I did I would wake up and I didn’t want the singing to ever stop, it was so beautiful because it was Him singing to me I was so in love!  I didn’t want Him to leave ever, all I remember from the song was the words that He sang were Peace on earth forever and ever.

These words are what He sang and His voice, it was the most beautiful voice I have ever heard in my entire life!  No instruments, nobody else singing, just His soft gentle but masculine and strong voice singing these words there were more words yet somehow I don’t remember.  In my dream also I remember having to tell my brother, Adam, that Jesus is coming and to ask Him if He believes in Jesus, Brian my other brother is in Heaven I heard his name said also, I then felt Him touch my forehead He did something to my forehead I don’t know what?

I whispered back to Him as the song ended, I love you.  I then woke up and heard within me, don’t be afraid my darling, for you will sing my song.  I don’t remember the song except for those few words and I don’t know what He means by singing His song?  I am crying a bit right now.  I long and ache for Jesus so much!  But I am kept strong and patient because He is coming so very soon!  Praise the Lord!


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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