Choose Life Jesus or choose Death Satan

Ary Scheffer: The Temptation of Christ, 1854

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My understanding of the Lord through my trials and suffering but are from Him alone, as God lets everything happen to you, He knows everything that happens to you, He is the writer and author of your life and destiny, but He gives you free will and choice to choose life or death.

The Lord threw me in the pit of vipers to test me as He tested Job, yet my love for Him has only grown stronger and wanting to seek Him more and more. If God is not loving and merciful, I would not be saved as He would have forsaken and turned His back on me a long time ago. That is not the God I know whom is love, forgiveness, purity, beauty and compassion towards His children that He loves and adores and want them to spend all eternity with Him in paradise.

We’re being tested each and everyday by the Lord, but He blesses us so well each and everyday, everything good is from God and sometimes He gives us bad and lets Satan attack us so that we learn and even turn back to Him or seek Him even more so, then He blesses us truly in so many good ways.  God is a good daddy and He wants to abandon none of His children. I know this deep inside from within my heart, but those that don’t acknowledge Him at all, or lukewarm in their faith of Him, yet don’t ever repent ever.

We are dirty rags but with repentance and following His laws which are really not hard to follow, though many of us still fall, but through repentance and seeking His face we’re saved by His mercy and love. If you sin and sin again, yet don’t acknowledge Jesus at all, or are lukewarm in your faith that is the difference I feel but nobody can judge one yet Christ alone. For He is the judge. Glory to Yahweh!  Let the lamb of God come to you know in this late hour and embrace you into His love and mercy for His love is true and everlasting!  He will save you from eternal death if you choose Him with a repentant heart and love for God.

Woe and more woe to mankind for many follow the doctrines of Satan in their churches that this world is truly peaceful and in security and that they’re saved by the blood of the lamb and can go about their lives and as long as they devout one day a week to Him alone then they’re saved, woe to them and this lie that leads to death.  They’re in love with this sinful and evil world and not our creator truly.  How this grieves God, for an disobedient and unruly children that won’t even acknowledge their creator and Father.  You look towards everything on this earth but to the one whom created you.  How do you think your mother and father would feel if you never loved them or said you loved them?  Then how do you think your creator feels?

The pain of God’s sorrow is like an river that won’t stop running filled with the tears of Gods eyes for His children that won’t even turn a glance towards Him when He sacrificed so much for them and still does.  What happens do you think if the creator came?  Toke those that were good, filled with goodness and were His children, the light of this world suddenly gone?  Then the world left to be run by evil man whom worship Satan the beast that wants you dead, tormented for all eternity and without life or love ever.

What if time was truly at an end?  If this world was dying now.  If they’re lying to you those whom run the world and are evil they want you fallen and in hell, for they place in front of your eyes such pretty toys, electronics, clothing, trends, attractions, life, experiences!  They show you such wow factor, but you’re blinded by these distractions because you don’t see the evil they’re and from the father of lies, the devil to seduce you into the pits of hell and to turn you from the truth of God, to turn you from spending time with the Lord, to spend every moment worshipping these false idols and not the one whom created you and loves you so much.

Stop believing in the world for it’s dust as your life will be if you follow the world and not God.  Turn away now and seek God for if your very soul was at stake either the choice of Jesus or Satan, life or death, beauty or torment, love or hate, truth or lies, peace or war.  What choice would you make today if today was the last day of your life?


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Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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