Dream/Vision Sudden Destruction

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I must share this dream with everyone here, please bare with me, it’s long but I had to share all the details with everyone. I had it this morning, it’s now 9am, I had this dream around 7am.

I had a really powerful and vivid dream this very early morning, that was so real and intense, that I thought I wasn’t dreaming.

The dream started off with me, my husband and our son “I am not married, or have any children,” our son was around 8 years old. We were in this outdoor base ball field watching a game being played. The entire stadium was surrounded by this very large and very tall connected bleacher of seats. We were sitting in the front.

The baseball game was being played at night and the season was winter, near Christmas, but it was still a week or two off, not sure how close to Christmas it was at the time.

I remember my husband being very angry and upset, but he wouldn’t say it out loud, my husband was a very passive and gentle man but he was boiling from within with anger and it was directed at the people around him.

The reason was because our son was relentlessly bullied non-stop, they abused our son, every year this went on and on, my husband though sweet and kind, I could tell though, it was hurting him with anguish, and rending him apart from within.

The people would tell our son that he was no good, laughing at him and mocking him, spitting on him and physically bullying him. My son was a beautiful boy, very loving and kind but he wasn’t a very good baseball player and always lost the game to the team he played on each year. This year they wouldn’t let my son play because he was such an awful player and that he wouldn’t follow the rules, he would stop in the middle of a game to save a baby bird if it was on the field, or he would be off looking up into the sky, day dreaming and the ball would fly past his head.

They hated him, yelled at him, mocked him, and bullied him relentlessly causing our son and his parents to cry often.

This year my husband was so angry, he said he had enough of the abuse of our son, and that he was going to do something about it. I didn’t know what.

We sat there quietly, watching the game. I was sitting next to my husband holding his hand, and our son was in his lap. My husband told me, “just watch darling, I have something prepared for, all of them.”

Suddenly during half time, this float that was motorized came onto the field, it began to go around the circular field. There were people on this float but they were strange, they were dressed in military type outfits but kind of with a Christmas theme, the people around us were over-joyed and began to clap, smile and laugh, the people on the float were smiling, laughing and waving at the crowd with very friendly manners.

A horn like instrument began to play, like a trumpet plays when something huge is being announced. Then out of the ground of this float a band rose up, they were playing Santa Claus is coming to town. I asked my husband did you do this? My husband then only nodded his head as he was intently staring at the float.

The people all around us were loving this entertainment and laughing and singing along. But my family alone were the only ones watching somberly.

Then the people on the float began to wave at people to come aboard, that it was so much fun and they were having so much fun, to join them in the festivities. People began to climb aboard this massive float, they were even handing their children to the ones on the float to take them, toddlers, babies, children and adults began to climb and be brought aboard this float.

As the float reached us, I knew in my heart that something wasn’t right about the float, that I couldn’t and wouldn’t get aboard, somebody behind us grabbed our son, and was going to put him on the float. My husband then screamed out in such fury and upset, never seen him like that before, “NO!” And he then jumped up and grabbed our son from this man’s arms and held our son very tightly and protectively close to his chest.

He grabbed my arm also and told me firmly not to get on the float. The man climbed onto the float and just laughed at us both. Suddenly the sky began to get darker and I could see the sky begin to turn a reddish color.

There was chaos all around us, as people began to scramble onto the float with much eagerness and impatience, even physically and verbally fighting each other to get onto the float. It was awful.

Suddenly my husband began to point at them and scream out as he stood up, Yes go, go all of you evil people whom have hurt and abused my son! At that point I didn’t know what to think but could only huddle against the bleacher seat, watching the madness around me.

I looked around me then and noticed that the entire stadium was empty except such a tiny handful of people left, many even just four strangers including myself, my husband and our son were still in our seats. Everyone else was on that float that was still going around but in an maniacal manner, they were laughing and singing Santa Claus is coming to town! But it literally now, sounded like a choir gone mad!

I began to whisper there is something not right about that float, and began to inch my way up the bleachers to the top to get as far from it as possible, my husband and son followed along with the few people left.

We got to the top of the bleacher, we were so high up now we could see everything below us, the man beside me began to say, there is something not right with that float. I knew then in my heart, that the float was doomed and that something horrific was going to happen. I grabbed a hold of my husbands arm for protection and comfort, snuggling as close to him as possible, whom had our son beside him now, and grabbed the strangers arm beside me to hold onto him also as he grabbed the other person beside him.

The float made one more half circle around the stadium, then it rigidly stopped as if it died, and then, it exploded! The explosion wasn’t like anything I have ever seen before it was like it was entirely consumed by the sheer heat and fire of the blast, it was as if the earth swallowed it whole in fire and brimstone!!

I then woke up, but I wasn’t scared, I was un-nerved and whispering non-stop, I love you God, I love you my husband, and felt from within my soul very strongly that this was a message from the Lord to me personally and to also send out, you may make your own interpretations of this vision/dream of mine from God.

But to me it’s very personal and the meaning of it also. But the understanding is clear for all. Repent while you still have time, turn from your evil ways now, there is hardly any time left now on the clock, turn to God with body, heart, mind and soul. Give everything to God. Stop seeking the pleasures of this world which will lead you to hellfire, seek God which is beauty, love, truth and light. Seek the Lord now!

He is coming so very soon. I go to bed every night now saying, the King of Kings is coming, He is coming in these last few days, when I never used to do this before.

The urgency of this dream’s message is very powerful, notable and understandable to all.

The post Christmas theme also was very clear to me as the meaning of time is running out for those whom do not turn from evil and seek God, asking forgiveness for their sins, to forgive others in their lives, begin to love those around you, stop watching and part-taking in the evils of this world, this world does truly belong to Satan, stop being a part of it, get out of the world and into God now!

Show love to others, help your brothers and sisters with a giving and gracious heart, do what you can to make life better for your fellow men and women in need and poverty, teach them about the salvation and love or our Lord, follow the Shepherd in His footsteps! Open your eyes to those around you and begin to do good each and every day! Not just in church praise Him then the next few days until sunday ignore Him, those whom do this are walking a very thin rope which is about to snap causing them to fall!  Do not fall, worship God, love Him everyday, communicate with Him, not just asking Him for things!

Start a relationship with Him as you would with your parents, they did not create you, God did.

How does the Father of all feel if you neglect Him and don’t love Him like you do your parents? He is your creator, give Him all your love, not just a glassful, give Him an ocean of your love. Praise the Lord!

Allow God into your hearts and lives! God is so wonderful and amazing! No words can describe the creator of all, He is just love, pure holy love! For anyone to not know God and what He has done for us, lives in constant darkness, a piece of them is missing from within and can never be healed without God, and there is true denial of His coming. He places shutters over their eyes, so they do not see the warning signs and remain asleep in the world and to their delusions.

I must mention that my eyes were burning and stinging from the soot and ash of the explosion in the dream, when I woke up this morning, my eyes were very painful and stinging for a few moments.

I must also add to this that Christmas is a pagan holiday and that Santa is Satan, and that Satan is coming to town. That the float itself was all the sinners and unrighteous, those whom hate and mock God, going to the pits of hell. The band was demons and evil men and women telling the people come and join us in our merriment, it’s fun, no harm will be done. We just want to have fun. But masking their evil true intents with smiles and laughter.  They drink and be merry, it’s as if the days of Noah, truly ignoring the warnings from His chosen servants and prophets, and the end time signs in the heavens and on earth as in revelations.

I am no prophet and never claim to be ever. I am just a servant of the Lord whom loves God with every breath and fiber of my being. God saved me many times and blesses me continually everyday and moment, which all my praise and glory go to Him alone.

I must confess He never gives up on His children ever, even to the very last moment He will reach down and pick you out of the fires of your personal or even spiritual hell, if you accept Him, love Him and forgive. I am a living testimony to His forgiving love and mercy.

God bless you all here, our precious dear King is coming! All will bow and give glory to Him forevermore! Hallelujah!


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Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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