The Lord is Coming, repent and turn from evil!

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There is so many warnings going out among His prophets, I truly believe Dr. Owur is a true prophet of God!  Heed His warnings, time is up!  Give your life to Jesus, repent and prepare your hearts, souls and minds for the coming of the King of Kings!

Turn away now from everything evil, repent to Him, lay down your life to God, let Him heal you and take away your pain and suffering, crucify your flesh against the sins of this world!

Hell is very real, there are so many real testimonies of heaven and hell from those that have passed over to the other side, lived to tell their stories and even had visions of Him by the Lord showing them heaven and hell.

The Lord is real, the living God is real not fictional or make believe, stop believing in false doctrines and lies of man, turn from false idols and gods, turn from false religions that were set up by the unholy evil of men and demons they want your soul and it’s a fierce battle but you were given will by a loving and merciful God, Yahweh, to either decide if you wish eternal torment, agony, suffering and death beyond your worse nightmares or eternal love, happiness, truth and beauty!

These false idols they’re not gods but illusions of evil to destroy your very soul!  Turn now from the world that captivates and seduces, is sick and depraved to all that’s good and holy, and seek God now!

I cannot say it enough, how very serious and important these messages are from His chosen prophets!

The Lord is coming for His bride! Repent and turn from evil while you still have time, forgive those whom trespassed against you and let go of the things of this world and ask God for deliverance from evil!  Let Him save you from the coming darkness that is fast approaching!  Time is running out!

Lord have mercy on our souls, and the evils and cruelty that we’ve done to this planet, to other people, to the animals but most importantly to you, our Creator, the pain and suffering we’ve done and caused you!  Please forgive us, dear Lord, please forgive us!  Hallelujah!! The world will cry out His name in praise and anguish!

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Leaving with the Call

by Diana Hliva

With the coming dawn, don’t forget me as I won’t forget you,
Even as you open your eyes, you reach for me, and I am gone.
At peace finally, no longer alone because I am home.
For all your trials and tribulations, in darkness you now roam.
Wipe away your tears, and look above because you’re loved.
This dream is my destiny and now my reality.
I won’t forget you as you won’t forget me now.


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Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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