Keep in mind each day is a present that you can open and appreciate, with Love and God

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I am keeping busy on projects and writing, trying to clean up my life, personally, physically and spiritually, working on getting rid of bad habits, getting closer to God, spending time with God in the privacy of my room or out with nature, talking to God, trying to help out others around me more, forgiving those whom hurt me, letting go of those whom drag me down, knowing they are in God’s hands so I don’t worry about them anymore just pray for love and forgiveness for them.

I am feeling better, less stressed, more at ease in my life and in my body even.  I used to be a really anxious person, suffered from the worse panic attacks that used to have me end up the hospital, once to the point that my body organs started to shut down from the extreme hyperventilating.   But now I don’t have panic attacks anymore, I leave my stress with God, and stop worrying about tomorrow, just living for today, fixing up many bad things in my life.

I am healing from within as I mend and forgive those whom hurt me in my relationships, cleaning out clutter in my house and just living each day better and healthier trying to at least, still like my chips and chocolate! occasionally. I know my advice is just a penny in the well, but then you can say if your life is still not going well by the new year and you’re upset, mentally and physically drained of energy.

At least you can say I did it to myself and that nobody can save me from the way my life is going, I have to make that change and do it myself, you will feel so much better that you did! Pick up your crosses and start to walk with the Lord, read His written word for guidance and how to solve your problems, start to talk to God and form a relationship and live each day, not just work, eat and sleep, actually go out there and live, create something memorable with the life God gave you.

Try and make each moment as something as creative and as beautiful as you can, even the simple things matter, as bringing in cookies to work, or complimenting someone, or playing with children or an animal, go out in nature, and pick up litter off the street, start walking more and slow down on the driving, smile at strangers and say hello.

Donate to charities this time of year instead of Xmas presents, and give that person a little card saying you donated to that charity in their name, they will appreciate it more. Volunteer in a soup kitchen, help feed the hungry, give to mustard seed any food in your cupboards or pantry you don’t eat or can donate.

The possibilities of doing good for yourself and those around you are endless but the rewards are eternal!


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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2 Responses to Keep in mind each day is a present that you can open and appreciate, with Love and God

  1. When i visit a blog, chances are that I notice that most blogs are amateurish.On the other hand,I have to say that you have done a good job here.

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