God and the Kingdom of Heaven in Rainbows

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I have had many scoff, mock and laugh at me when I speak to them about God being associated with rainbows and seeing God surrounded by rainbows. They have even mocked me by claiming I am being deceived by Satan but I know from what the Holy Spirit, through Yahweh has shown me that I am not deceived but the truth is revealed with Him, that God is surrounded by rainbows. Others are beginning to feel it and say it, a woman filled with the Holy Spirit just told me that she woke with the words on her lips, I have just seen the rainbow of God. She was filled with such joy and happiness, indescribable that she knew Jesus was so near.

I often look up in the sky as our redemption draws ever nearer and I worship Him and adore Him always, as extraordinary as it seems I often see a rainbow in the sky near the sun, it’s just like a cube, a rainbow no cloud just a cube that is a rainbow. It’s truly a sight of heaven to the naked eye. I say in my heart and even in whisper as I look at this rainbow knowing in my soul as it sings pure love songs to Him and praise, I love you God, I love you my true love, to that perfect cube shaped rainbow.

I have shown my friends this rainbow that comes and goes but they all proclaim in sleepy and bored expressions as wow and weird what in the world is that, then they either go back to gossip or texting on their blackberry cell phones.

I realize that I may seem off my rocker to many here, but I don’t care I know what I see, and many others have seen it here also that I point it out to, the perfect rainbow cube of heavens light and coming glory in the deep blue sky.

I was led to this man also and his testimony of heaven after I started to see this rainbow cube and the feeling of rainbows being associated to God. I asked the Lord what it meant in prayer one night, and He led me to this man. I don’t know this man but it shocked me to see the rainbow city of God in his testimony of being shown heaven.


I am so in love with our Lord and savior, that nothing or anyone on this earth or in the heavens can take me from Him, and His embrace! I sense and feel in my soul such an excitement and almost painful yearning for Him currently, at times it brings me to weeping but then I can’t stop in love and adoration of Him, He brings me such love and comfort when I cry for God to have mercy on His children and to be in His arms again. He is coming so very quickly. Everyday is a countdown, to Him returning. Do you have dreams or visions of the Lord?

A Jewish prayer song to God by the beloved Ofra Haza in heaven now with our Lord, I can’t wait to meet her she inspires me so much her beauty and songs one of my fave singers, I create when I listen to her now. But nothing inspires me quite like Him of course.


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Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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  1. newly I have more and more time to search forsomethinguseful. I have tosay I was very touched when I was reading your work.

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