Choosing God or the World, mammon or eternal life?

For the love of god, Steve Vai

Image by martintoy via Flickr

The majority of mankind has forsaken God. Just by watching the world you can see that man has chosen the evils of this world over the love of God. And it’s heart-breaking and so very sad.

That the things of this world how soon they shall pass away and fade to dust but man’s soul is eternal and light and belongs to God. And God has given man the rights to choose their master.

The world that is so full of evil, hate, greed and lusts of the flesh to not choosing eternal life with the most Holy God, to finding perfect joy and happiness, where there is no sin, no hate, no cruelty, no sickness, no pain, just peace, joy, beauty, love and life!

I cannot fully express the feeling that I have to be fully embraced by God and to cast off the evils of this world, to wash away the dirt and filth of sin and repent on bended knees to God. To be comforted and embraced to feel the warmth of God, the pure joy of love all consuming love to be on fire with Him, to desire Him above anything, even life itself.

To find peace to be healed of all your pain and worries. To walk in the footsteps of God to ask the Shepherd to lead you, knowing that you will no longer fall or falter because He is guiding you, and His hand is now in yours, never alone ever again.

It’s the greatest and most joyous feeling I can describe to be in the arms of love. And know that you belong to Him and have no fears anymore. I have been blessed by Him so many times in my life, I praise God for everything He has given me and shown me. Without Him I would be a tumbling weed without direction my soul would still be aching as my broken heart would. But healed in His presence I was.

I died many times upon myself to reach Him, broken and forgotten by man. Yet lifted up and carried by Him when I could no longer walk in such agony I was. I am a changed woman because of God, but changed by the sheer glory and healing that He has given me. To know God is to know your true self from within.

One that is not led by the flesh but by the spirit. I am on fire with the love of God, with such passion for my love for Him and how He is transforming me daily, can one imagine even think with the most creative thoughts on how this transformation begins? It starts within your very core, your very soul, even on a cellular level your transformation, you begin to seek and feel with your heart, truth, compassion, kindness and love for all things and everyone. You forgive and you’re healed by this forgiveness, you feel light as if the weary and worries of this world never touch you.

No matter how those around you bicker and struggle, you turn your backs to those that throw daggers and walk away and you pray for them, and forgive them. Your heart begins to heal, as it was broken by the woes of man, it’s healed by the Hands of God. Your very soul, your being, feels like it’s about to jump out of your body as the mere mention of His name, it’s excited, as if it’s a life of its own.

It moves with Him, the sound of His voice, you begin to understand those that hear the voice of God, you read these words by prophets whom seek His face and voice, yet your soul only moves and is on fire to His words through His chosen vessels.

You can fully come to know and discern the voice of the Lord over those that are false prophets. Understanding of life and truth are suddenly clear to you, the darkness is now light and the light that was called light is now darkness, you love everything God loves and you hate everything He hates.

Gifts are given, you’re blessed by Him, and everyday now seems like a gift in the revelations He gives you and the blessings.If you desire peace, healing, love, comfort and ease from your worries and pain, open your heart to God, He is waiting or you at the door, if you will only let Him in. He is knocking but only you must answer.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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