End of America

Robert R. Livingston

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I am in mourning for the lost people of America, how they can just stay asleep and not rise up against such evil antics of this lawless and evil man. How can anyone just turn a blind eye to someone that is destroying everything good and holy? To not stop at that but steal the money out of hard working Americans that can barely make ends meet, to feed their starving families. To those that are stricken with natural and personal disasters yet receive no help because America’s coffers are dry and there is nothing left, not even for the veterans whom fought to keep your great country free, now starving themselves and living on the streets. Yet the one to rule you, now mocks you and parades himself and his family in luxury even running away from America, this is not his home and never was, he doesn’t care for anyone but himself. God has turned his eyes away from the great harlot because she has turned away from God. And He has allowed this man of lies and deception to ruin her, even now while BO proclaims India greater then America, as he has been shown to rise up every other country but the one that he was voted to rule as better then her. They go to festivals that worship false gods and idols and drink and be merry while America goes to ruin, like Rome so long to build yet one day it toke to burn her glory down, because God is a jealous God and will have no other gods before Him nor sin to go unpunished forever.But the Lord will have mercy on His children.


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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