My Angel Dream

Yahweh sends fire from heaven to consume Elija...

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I had a dream last night that I was an angel..I had a flowing beautiful gown and dress, and shawl almost old fashion looking but beautiful whites and cream colors and that I had angel wings and I was saving a mother and child carrying the child to safety the mother was giving me her child to save from a volcano that was exploding very violently the sky was black but it was not night but day… I had a bow in my other hand also. It was such a beautiful dream and touching dream that I was saving these two innocents from danger, I don’t know if this was my destiny I can only pray it is..I always dream such confusing dreams and dreams about the wrath of God and the tribulation that this was so beautiful and personal for me.

I adore children and babies and always imagined myself a protector of them and would give my life to a child if I had to. I also had a dream or word about BO someone spoke to me saying my name also that one will go up the other will go down. I then woke up. I am feeling we’re getting so close that this volcano in Indonesia is very very significant and could start a chain of events. But I don’t know only God knows, maybe a domino effect. We shall wait and see, Come our dear Yahshua come quick! If the Lord wanted me to save others and lead them to Him during the tribulation I would in a heartbeat, stay even though I am scared of most things even the dark, but with Him I know I wouldn’t have any fear. I am not sure if this is what His plans are for me but whatever they’re I will do them without question and love for Him always. I belong with the Lord I know this deep from within my soul no matter the attacks of evil against my person and being I won’t back down or surrender! With Jesus anything is possible even the impossible!


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Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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