The evil of Pagan holidays and celebrating them

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You can’t be luke warm in Christ, you can’t have one foot in the world and one foot in God. There is no second chances, your mortal soul is on the judging block! I used to love holidays, loved celebrating them, Halloween was one of my fave holidays before I was re-born in Christ, I used to dress up in scary costumes, loved scary movies, getting spooked, carving pumpkins. Laughing and joking at something that I thought was fun and games!

How very terribly wrong I was. It toke me but a moment to wake up to be shaken by God, and shown that these holiday’s are pagan rituals, Satanic in origin! Dear Lord, how I was such a fool..
These holiday’s are an abomination to God, to be clueless and enjoy such holiday’s is an affront to the Lord. Halloween is such an evil and terrible pagan holiday. Those that celebrate it in such lewdness and sinful enjoyment, are damning their immortal souls!! How can you not see what you’re doing by part-taking in such a satanic holiday! I can not say it enough, as seeing things with eyes opened by Christ for what things really are, makes me wish to vomit. I have been shown, I cannot repent enough for my past sins and my sins now, my flesh is weak, but I get on my knees and pray with much weeping and lamenting, for not only my soul for the countless others around me that are so blind and deaf to what they’re doing! God is merciful, God is forgiveness and God is a loving God, but you must come to Him, the door is open and He is waiting for you now, there is no more time to spare.

You might think that there is time, that Yahweh will never return, that the bible is all a fairytale, or that God is not returning for many more years! I shall speak to you now, you’re so very wrong! You see the signs it’s all written in His word, what is happening is happening for His return. Get right with God now, get in your prayer closet, shut the door to the world and get on your knees and pray, repent of you sins, and cry out His name to save you from His coming wrath! There is no more time left!

I have been hurt and mocked for my words. I have forsaken going out with friends to an Halloween inspired event that mocked the Lord with evil things of Satan, and they wounded my very soul, to not be a part of their thinking this event is all fun and games when it is evil depravity and disgusting foul things. And I have suffered from it, but I don’t care. Because this world is ending and the Lord is returning, His wrath is to be poured out upon the earth it’s happening now!! Wake up world, God has shown me that the unrighteous shall perish! What does that mean to you? I know people whom go to church, I don’t go to church I found Him alone in my room in prayer and repentance with a broken and bent spirit begging for His help to clean me and purge me, for me to be worthy of His love, asking Him for forgiveness of the sins of man not only of this world but to Him alone!

I know these people whom think they’re saved because they go to church, I pray for their souls, because they’re not saved, they don’t know Him, they’re in love with this world, they practice pagan rituals and enjoy them thinking they’re fun! They scoff and hurt those trying to warn them to forsake these evil days, they hurt the very people that are trying to save them!

I have seen it not only with myself but with others that spread the word of His warning to the people in these last days. There are many hypocrites and many church goers that will not be saved. Get right with God now! There is no more time left! Get out of your churches! Seek Him with all your heart, body and soul, surrender to Him your love, make sure He is your first love and only love. God is loving and merciful but the stench of sin of this world is too much! We’re in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.


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