Being saved by the Lamb of God

I can’t deny that I use to love this world more then Him, that I desired wealth, fame and prestige, that I would do anything to achieve this above my own morals and ethics, even creating art and writing that would have been considered Satanic by many Christians. I was made a harlot of my own ideals of beauty and in the eyes of beauty I was found ever wanting and needing more attention from others, due to my own pride, seeking acceptance and achievement from strangers and not in the Lords eyes that could have cost me my mortal soul.

How low I was when I was even at the top of my game so I thought, even knowing superstars that praised me and even royalty. But every one of His is accounted for no matter what happens and I believe He never left me through this dark period of my life for He taught me the greatest lesson I have ever learned that I was a puppet and a fool to darkness I was tested and purified in the fires of His love, made wounded, made a fool in front of many, and even shown in nightmares by the Lord the evils I was doing and creating was leading me to hell. I don’t take this post lightly but very seriously, hell is very real and I have witnessed its fiery bowels.

You can’t be saved by the grace of God alone, you can’t wash yourself in the blood of the lamb and proclaim yourself saved if you don’t stop your sins and repent. I know this for truth it is in my spirit, my very soul, which cries out in agony for those that can’t turn aside from this world for a moment and look around them and find the written Word, everything that is passing is written in His word, the Bible. He is coming, yet the people are too fixated on their reality shows, bills and what to buy next, to see that this world is ending and that evil is forming fast to soon take away everything they hold dear and love.

To sin again and again those whom speak that they’re Christians and know Him, to be in their churches listening to their false prophets tell them everything is coming up roses, that they’re in grace and saved by the blood of Christ, that they can do whatever they wish and not be judged because they’re already saved, those that believe such false doctrines are being led down a very safe and lovely road but this wide and pleasant path will lead them to the gates of Hell itself. You must change things that are an abomination in the Lord’s eyes, you can’t sin again and again and think that the blood of the lamb will save you! You must follow God’s laws, the commandments and repent of your sins, love the Lord not just with your tongues, but begin a fellowship with Him in quiet solitude, go into your closet and shut the door if you must and get on your knees and find Him, love God with all your heart, body and soul, and turn aside from the ways of man, that is passing!

It’s an hard and arduous road that many don’t wish to go, as they love this world and love a lazy walk that is not of suffering and sacrifice, they love their gadgets and they love their lives. But they’re asleep or the walking dead as I term it, they don’t see with eyes that are blinded, they don’t hear with ears that are plugged. They believe in the lies of the devil and will “stone,” mock and scoff the prophets and those with eyes and ears that see and hear, that come in His name alone.

I used to be one of them, not knowing Christ at all. Knowing only what pleased me and gave me pleasure. I am constantly being purged and refined as I write this, I have lost friends, family those whom I loved, many have called me names, hurt me, and abandoned me, yet I forgive them all and pray for their souls, that the Lord comes into their hearts and awakens them before it’s too late.

I am called many horrible names, and hurt for the truth I try to share with others, yet many won’t listen because deep down they know it’s truth perhaps and are afraid. Those whom tell you the rapture won’t happen or won’t happen in many many years from now, are afraid, don’t know Him fully, and are in love with their sins and false doctrines. The pit of vipers once bitten can fill someone with poison, hate, anger and fear. Many are in denial and many don’t even want Him to come but He will.

We don’t have time, time is running out, He said He would return, and He is coming the signs are written at the return of the son of man, the signs are happening now! He said He would take His bride and He will take all light from this world. And darkness will preside. Such evil is coming, so help us God! And so many will not be saved even those proclaiming themselves Christian. Wake up luke-warm Christians, wake up world! You’re being deceived by Satan!  Return to Him don’t follow man because they will lead you into the pit, open your hearts to love, compassion and forgiveness, help others, and find Jesus before it’s too late!


About Love for God Beauty and Truth

Saving souls and giving praise and glory to the Father, Yahuwah, the son, Yahushua and the Holy Spirit
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